About Us
The first time I saw a Standard Poodle was in the 1980s at an all breed
dog show. I bred and showed Cocker Spaniels (parti variety). I fell in
love with the beauty and grace of the Standard and hoped to own one
someday. Little did I know how addictive they are!
In 2007 my 11 year old granddaughter Brianna and I braved an Ohio
snowstorm in January, driving a couple hours to Utica, Ohio to look at
the then 9 week old silver/white ball of fur I named "Paisley". She was
so smart and sweet, I was hooked. I contacted the breeder to see if
any of the sisters were left, one week after I got Paisley my husband
and I went back to get the cream girl I named "Willow".
My daughter in law Dana had been in contact with a breeder in
Junction City, Ohio with a 7 week old brown abstract boy, in May 2007
I picked up "Axel". He is the most hilarious dog I have ever had the
privilege of knowing or owning! He will make you laugh no matter
what your mood.
I later decided I did not want to use the same male for both girls and
the search was on again.
Dana and I drove all night, February 6, 2008 (barely missing the
tornadoes that hit Kentucky and Indiana), to Illinois to get the abstract
apricot male I call "Cooper."
In August 2008 my daughter Missy and Brianna and I went back to
Illinois for our silver 7 week old girl "Aubry Rayne."
We also have a  12 year old  white toy  girl, " Pearl", a 8 yr. old Basset
Hound girl,  "Lucy"...(both spayed).
Our pets are our family and the dogs live in our house. We also have  5
horses..."Traveler", "Rose" (mommy to... "Pistol" and "Liberty" and
"Yankee", sire of Liberty.
Thanks for taking the time to read about us.
Aubry Rayne @ 12 weeks
September 29, 2008
Rich and I work at American Standard in Salem, Ohio. On October
17th, 2008 everyone was sent out of the building after 4 hours work
and a lock was put on the gate. We were on a 2 week contract
extension. Our youngest granddaughter Makenzy wanted to carry a
sign on the picket line. ( Sunday, October 26,2008)
Our union flag still flies under the American flag at the plant. This
was a labor charge settlement in 2003. We are United Steelworkers
Local 1538.
On Monday, November 24th, 2008, 302 union members went back to work.
The unfair labor practice charges will be fought in court.
I am going to raise our beautiful Standards, do grooming and I  have taken
classes for clipper blade and scissor sharpening.
I am very proud to have been a part of the 302 local members who stood
strong for  over 5 weeks, standing in this economy for what we believe in...
For all American workers (union & nonunion) to earn wages they can raise
a family on, affordable health care, seniority rights and to be treated with
dignity and respect.  Of the 339 union employees 37 crossed the picket
line.  I may not work in a union shop anymore but will always be union
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