Contrary to popular belief...Poodles are NOT wimpy, sissy dogs! It is
that they originated in Germany, they  were (and still are) used as hunting
They  are a retriever and the poodle clips were designed to protect vital
organs and keep their joints warm when they enter the cold water to
retrieve the bird.

People who have allergies to dogs or cats can usually own a poodle
without difficulties, because...poodles have hair not fur, they do not shed
like a dog with fur...but they DO shed, the hair
, if not groomed, will tangle
as it is shed and will cause mats. They do not have a doggy odor or doggy
Because the hair grows year round they do require regular grooming. They
should be bathed regularly and clipped every 6 to 8 weeks. The ears should
be checked for mites.  I highly recommend clipping the ear hair instead of
plucking...ESPECIALLY on puppies. Most poodle owners keep their poodle
in a pet clip which is very easily taken care of.

The Poodle can have any look/hairstyle his owner desires...from a complete
shave to just topknot and fluffy tail to the 'teddy bear'  or 'doodle look'...the
look can be as diverse as the many ways he can be a part of your
life...show dog, rally, dock diving, search and rescue, grooming
competition, service dog, hunting or happy to chill on the couch with you.
They are the reason so many breeders are breeding to every other breed for
doodles....otherwise they would breed Golden Retriever to Sheepdog, etc.!
The poodle is the best part of a doodle so why not stick with the best? Just
my opinion....

The Standard Poodle is a proud, elegant, good natured dog. They are one
of the most intelligent and trainable breeds. It has been said that the
poodles ability to think and solve problems is the closest to a human than
any other breed. They love to be with people, are excellent with children
and get along with other dogs and animals.

The Standard Poodle is not demanding as far as exercise goes, as long as
they get a daily walk in. They should however, be given regular
opportunities to run and play off the leash in a safe area. If sufficiently
exercised they do great in apartment living.
SEPTEMBER 22, 2008
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