Babies were born...
November 28, 2015.
We do not sell for mixed Poodle
breeding of any kind...including
the merle mix. We reserve the
right to first pick on all litters
and the right to refuse a sale.
Deposits are non refundable but
can be transferred to another
**Puppies are a lot of work...please
be sure you are ready for a puppy
before committing. We always
welcome any of our babies back to
be rehomed if necessary...never for
a full refund...refund paid  only after
a suitable home is found. We gladly
will hold your baby for you but
he/she must be paid for in full by 10
weeks or it will be made available
again. If he/she needs to be held
past 10 weeks there will be a $5.00
per day fee.
"IRELYN"   blue or silver brindle girl
"DUBLYN"  silver or blue brindle boy
"BERLYN"  silver or blue brindle girl
"ZEALYN"  silver or blue brindle girl
"FINLYN"  brown brindle boy
SOLD!   He will be very loved by
Maureen and will be joining Elizabeth
"Bennet" (Starling) and Georgie Girl
His name will be..
"JAVLYN"  brown brindle boy
SOLD! This lucky boy will be
joining Tina and family in WV.
He will have 1/2 brother Jake
(JHAILOR) to grow up with!
His name will be...
"ALYN"...sable brindle boy